This is an informational booklet that HOG Members receive to help guide them through Mileage + Destination riding challenges that will take them to different places around the US. I designed this booklet from start to finish. 
2019-2020 Retail Resources Product Catalog. This was a catalog that didn't have much design beforehand, I updated it with our most recent look/feel for H-D and created a more engaging way to look through what you'd want to purchase for your dealership. 
2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brochure that included the entire event schedule and details on where Harley-Davidson would be and what to expect. This brochure had many changing components and also had a digital version. I designed and laid out this design from start to finish. 
Talent Recruitment cards shaped like the water tower on top of the headquarters building. 
"Let's Ride" initiative was a dealership program that was promoting going out on a ride somewhere you haven't tried before. These were early-staged concepts of the postcards that riders could send out when they made it to a destination. 
Billboard and poster created for 2018 Halloween event held at the H-D Museum. This was one of my very first projects when I started at Harley-Davidson. 
Work is continually being added as released. 

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